About Us

Developed and manufactured in South Africa since 1927, Edblo is truly the only proudly South African bed!

Edblo beds are made with tried-and-tested components, to exact specifications and to the ISO 9001/2 quality system

Manufacturing is done in state of the art, modern facilities in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Our “sleep” print has now even extended into manufacturing in Namibia and Zimbabwe

Edblo truly has an African footprint when it comes to providing better sleep to all!

Welcome to the Edblo family!

An interesting fact about Edblo is that our name came from our founders. Len Edelstein and Barney Bloch joined the letters of their names “Ed” and “Blo” to form the bedding Brand we love today – Edblo

Little wonder that today, Edblo is still a great place for families to come together

1927: Developed by Len Edelstein and Barney Bloch in South Africa

1945: Began manufacturing innerspring mattresses

1950 - 1975: First national bedding company with factories in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

2007: Launched the Edblo "No Turn" Range

2009: Launched the Edblo "Energiser" Range

2010: Launched the Edblo "Pocket Colection"

2016: Launched the Edblo "Supreme Collection"