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Nothing Mattress More – than a good night’s rest for you and your family

At Edblo we know exactly how important family is to our customers.

We fully understand that the people who share your life and home matters a great deal to you.

As the country’s most loved bed brand, Edblo has been providing South African families with the correct comfort and support they need to get a great night’s rest, since 1927.

We always believe that getting enough sleep is essential for helping a person maintain optimal health and well-being. When it comes to the health and well-being of you and your family, sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Taking care of yourself, making sure that you also achieve a good night’s rest, is of course just as important. This will see a beautiful and natural positivity in the home each morning as the whole family wakes up rested and starts a new day.

To celebrate the importance of family, and to promote proper family health and well-being, Edblo has launched the Nothing Mattress More campaign.

Our Message aims to combine the things that matter most to our loyal customers – their families – and that which matters most to Edblo – ensuring we provide you with the latest in sleep technologies to guarantee a better night’s rest.

Why not invest in a new mattress for you and your family today?

Because you matter, so does your mattress!

Edblo rules as Most Loved SA-Made Bed

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Edblo – South African through-and-through

Locally made to make a difference Family means everything to us. For over 90 years South African families have come together on Edblo beds. They’ve laughed, loved, cried, played, cared and shared in the cosy comfort of an Edblo bed. And, best of all, they’ve slept well. These are the cherished members of our Edblo… Continue Reading

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How to Care for your Mattress

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Tips on Choosing a Comfy Bed & Beauty Sleep

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The 4 Components that Give the Edblo Supreme Collection its Value

Sleep is an important part of all of our lives, and the better a night’s sleep you get, the more refreshed, energised and ready for the next day you will be. As a long-standing mattress supplier, Edblo takes a mixture of classical approaches and innovative ones in the Edblo Supreme Collection of mattresses, making use… Continue Reading

It is time to get some good night’s rest

It is bed time. Time to get into that warm and comfortable bed that just seems to have and to hold you as soon as you get in. It is a place that can be all yours or a place that you share with the one that you love. When it is that time of… Continue Reading

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