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Bed shops in Durban

Are you looking for affordable Bed shops in Durban? You’ve found the right place! Edblo is one of the best bed shops in Durban. Known for their extraordinary services and extensive storage of reliable bed brands.

Edblo is home to some of the friendliest staff. We are trained to assist you in a respectable manner by helping you find your dream bed. Generally, it is no doubt that consumers are looking for a friendly face when they walk into a bed shop. A trusted smile is promised to every customer that walks through the door. To ensure that you feel comfortable enough to tell us about your sleep situation for us to help you as best as we can. At Edblo, we understand that customers’ need time and space to browse through and test different beds freely. We promise to not keep our distance, but not too far, in case you need some clarity on which bed best suits you.  

The process of buying from Edblo is easy and saves you time as we take you through each step. As much as we try to make this easy for you but choosing a bed is mainly dependent on you. This choice is based on material composition, price, and other factors that requires extensive product research.

Things to consider when looking for Bed shops in Durban:

  • The bed shop’s return policy

Make sure that you always ask about the shop’s return policy and if it includes a money back guarantee or exchange. You should have at least 7-days grace to sleep in your new bed at home and be able to return or exchange it if you’re not happy.

  • Comfort

The most important thing that you should look for, in the process of buying a bed, is the comfort. You will not enjoy sleeping if your bed it is not comfortable, and this can affect both your health and mood. Therefore, you should always test the bed for about 10 minutes or more when deciding to buy it, to see if you are comfortable with your choice or not. If you cannot find a comfortable position no matter how you lie, you probably have the wrong mattress.

  • Check the warranty.

Beds are a long-term investment therefore, a good quality bed should last you 10 years. It is always important to find out about the bed’s warranty before buying it. This will help you in case of discomfort and if it turns out that the bed is not of the quality that you were promised.

  • Talk to your doctor.

If you have a health condition, talk to your doctor or physical therapist about what he or she recommends. Keep in mind that doctors are not bed experts, but they know your medical condition and symptoms and will probably have some good advice from that point of view. When looking for Bed shops in Durban always contact Edblo on 011 309 4000.

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