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Edblo – South African through-and-through

Locally made to make a difference

Family means everything to us.

For over 90 years South African families have come together on Edblo beds. They’ve laughed, loved, cried, played, cared and shared in the cosy comfort of an Edblo bed. And, best of all, they’ve slept well. These are the cherished members of our Edblo family.

We also have another family: they are the men and women who works to produce thousands of Edblo beds daily at our factories and offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. It’s this family and their loved ones that also deserve to be supported through good times and bad.

Ras Erasmus, brand spokesperson for Edblo, says: “We’re proud to be a South African brand born-and-raised, with a world-class reputation for quality, durability and comfort.

“We believe it’s our deep South African roots that have helped to earn us the trust of generations of South African families spanning nearly 100 years. But with that trust comes a responsibility to maintain our high standards and caring approach.”

Referring to the tremendous business pressures brought on by the Coronavirus, Erasmus says: “These are challenging times. It will be a while before life returns to normal, and when it does, we’ll need to return to full production as efficiently as we can, as fast as we can, and as smart as we can.

A major factor in our favour is that we’re locally made. I believe that in future people will be more inclined to buy local products instead of imported ones. They’ll do that because they want to help South Africans help themselves. And because they know which brands they can trust to deliver.

“We may even see the start of a ‘Best Buy Local’ movement.” Says Erasmus. “By buying locally produced products we can contribute towards achieving a faster national recovery and keep more South Africans employed.

“When consumers support local businesses and products it has a major impact on the local economy. Money spent here stays here and the local community and economy are the ones to benefit, far more than would be the case with imported products.”

Erasmus continues: “We source nearly all our raw materials from local suppliers. Edblo uses South African steel and South African-grown timber that is fashioned by local craftsmen and skilled workers – which means that, for every Edblo bed we make, job creation is stimulated, local support industries profit, and the benefits are felt far and wide.

“Although aware of the challenges we face in the coming months, perhaps years, Edblo is committed to helping families find their feet again. We look to the future with hope and a belief that our sense of family will win out in the end.”

Edblo is a key brand within the Bravo Group, home to many of the country’s most beloved brands in the lounge and bedding categories. With seven factories in South Africa and employing over 3000 people, the Bravo Group is a major contributor to the South African economy.

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