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Double Bed Price

Eblo is the best place to buy beds at the most inexpensive Double Bed. If you are looking to buy beds, they have just what you need. They have a wide range of beds for sale and always have the best Double Bed Price.

Edblo has Double Bed sets and mattresses which are available in two sizes. A standard size double mattress measures 137cm wide x 188cm long, while an extra length mattress measures 137cm wide x 200cm long. Mattress thickness and base height are not uniform and differ depending on model and manufacturer.

A double bed or honeymoon bed is one of the most popular sizes allowing just enough space for two adults, or luxury space when used by only one person. They also have this affordable and very hard to ignore Double Beds with unbeatable Prices.  At Edblo, they recommend the use of a double bed only if space is restricted or for use in guest rooms or children’s’ rooms. The master bedroom should rather host a queen size bed at a minimum, which allows more space while sleeping. Edblo believes space equals comfort.

Edblo is proud to be one of the leading bed manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa. Whether you are looking for beds or a new mattress, they have just what you are looking for. You have peace of mind that the bed you are buying is built to perfection and quality or comfort is not compromised.

The sizes of their beds are:

  • Single Beds
  • Three Quarter Beds
  • Double Beds
  • Queen Beds
  • King Beds
  • Single XL Beds
  • Three Quarter XL Beds
  • Double XL Beds
  • Queen XL Beds
  • King XL Beds
  • Adjustable Beds
  • Bed Bases

All of their beds are priced just right, saving you time and money, not forgetting to mention their very best and affordable Double Bed Price on offer! Everything they sell they would be proud to have in their own homes, knowing that all of their beds and mattresses are built to last.

Even if you just need a mattress, they have you covered. Their inventory includes the finest sprung and memory foam mattresses in the country. Their primary goal in selecting their inventory is to choose products they know will offer you a great night’s sleep, night after night, for the life of your mattress.

They serve their customers with integrity and true customer service and are well known throughout South Africa thus making them very well respected in their local business community. For more information, please go to Edblo.


Provides outstanding individual comfort with minimal partner disturbance.


A “no compromise” mattress especially made for those who prefer the unique feel of foam.


Combines the support you expect from an Edblo mattress with a fresh, ‘energised’…


Quality and support for a good night’s sleep on a high quality mattress.

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