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Caring for our community through Corporate Social Investments to make a real difference
Our Proudly South African beds and our commitment to keeping South African communities well rested, makes Edblo by far the most loved South African-made bed brand – a well-earned reputation that’s been nearly a century in the making. We care for family and our community, and we partner with associations that do just that. Over the past few years, we’re proud to have played an important role in helping some of these make big changes in everyone’s life!

Meals on Wheels

In 2020 we worked with Meals on Wheels, with a generous donation to help them feed the elderly over the festive season. We understand how important family is, and everybody knows that family starts with Granny and Grandpa. The Edblo donation to Meals on Wheels, assisted in achieving their objective of feeding our forgotten elderly over the festive season in 2020.

Visit their site to see how you can help fill tummies. 
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Rainbows and Smiles

We’ve been supporting families for years, so it felt like a natural fit to support families dealing with Cancer. In 2021 we joined forces with Rainbow and Smiles.

Families affected by Cancer particularly in children go through a lot of pain. We’ve donated 8 single beds to the foundation to give some relief to children and their families fighting cancer. #Edblo is With You Through Life. Do your little bit and help them reach their wish list, by helping a family today!
Visit Rainbows and Smiles
Read more on our involvement 
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