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The Edblo Contracts Division has a proud reputation for making hospitality bed sets that offer exceptional quality and durability at a surprisingly affordable price. We invite you to find out more.

The hospitality industry is competitive and a good night’s sleep is the one factor that puts an establish over those that do not. The first night’s rest is essential to a wonderful holiday break experience, or an effective business get away. To make your stay somewhere as memorable as possible and thought of fondly in a positive way, choose the mattress that has been trusted for generations by families. The mattress you choose, could make, or break this experience. In our continued support of the South African economy and to show how proud we are to be South Africa’s best loved mattress; we have hospitality mattresses and bed offers that will help you be a success no matter where you are staying.
Edge Support - The mattress border is reinforced with a strong, wave-like foam edge support. Creates a firmer edge and increases your sleeping area.
Monthly Turning Sequence - Monthly indicator strip placed on the back of the mattress as a reminder to turn the mattress over.



MozGone - Permanent mattress finish which makes mozzies most unwelcome.
Flame Retardant Ticking - An added safety feature, the mattress fabric suppresses, reduces or delays combustion for your peace of mind.
UltraFill Comfort Layers - Layers of high-quality foam and fillings in the mattress
Insulator - A quality fibre pad which eliminates spring feel and insulates the mattress comfort layers from the spring unit.
Flanging - The comfort layers are fastened to the Bonnell Spring System around the perimeter of the mattress.
Bonnell Spring System - Internationally tried and tested, the system is made from knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped springs which are laced together to form a strong support structure.
Six Legs - Strategically positioned on the base.



Jacquard Ticking - A durable fabric that will keep your mattress looking like new.
UltraFill Comfort Layers  -  Provide superior comfort.
Insulator Pad - Eliminates springs-feel for all over comfort.
Flanging - Prevents filling shifting, for greater stability.
Bonnell Spring System - Internationally tried & tested, provides durable, long-lasting support. 
Edge Support - Mattress border is reinforced for a firmer edge & increased sleeping area.
Six Legs -  Strategically positioned on the base.
24cm or 28cm Solid Design Base - Engineered for strength and durability.
Monthly Turning Sequence - Monthly indicator strip placed on the back of the mattress as a reminder to turn the mattress over.

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