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6 May 2022
A Mother’s POWA is infinite!

Edblo partnership to assist victims of Gender-Based Violence Edblo has been South Africa’s most-loved bed range for many generations. This success is not only due to the superb quality and durability of our beds, but also thanks to Edblo’s unique understanding of what it means to be South African. As a Proudly South African brand, […]

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3 Mar 2022
Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World

Edblo supports World Sleep Day 2022 How does quality sleep help maintain mental health? You might be asking yourself: How might better sleep help people focus during the day? How does fatigue weigh us down physically, mentally, and emotionally? The answers to these questions are what World Sleep Day is all about! As South Africa’s […]

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1 Feb 2022
Don’t get Flummoxed by the Firmness!

Finding the right bed for your body and sleep habits After more than 90 years in the local bedding industry, Edblo has been supplying South African families with the best quality mattresses for generations. It goes without saying that Edblo knows the secret to finding the best mattress to fit your individual needs! While there […]

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1 Jan 2022
Back to bed, back to school!

Sleep well for better academic performance Send your kids to bed so they can earn A’s at school. Sound ridiculous? Well science proves otherwise! Recent studies have shown that students who get a full eight hours of sleep per night pay better attention in class, remember what they have learnt and are more creative and […]

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1 Dec 2021
Nominate A Family This Festive Season

Giving a family a trusted night of sleep Edblo is by far the most loved South African bed manufacturer and has been loved by local families since 1927. Edblo’s mission is to provide the best possible sleep to help South African families all around the country, to help them overcome the challenges life brings, and […]

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2 Nov 2021
Surf and Snore!

Online Bed Shopping made easy! Edblo is with you through life, however, your favourite mattress will eventually become old and worn-out. Once your mattress has reached its expiration date, you need to replace it as soon as possible to reduce risks to your spinal health and your ability to get a decent night’s rest. Thankfully, […]

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21 Oct 2021
Edblo steps up to awaken South African awareness of childhood cancer

As a committed supporter of South Africans since 1927, Edblo has a particular soft spot for families dealing with childhood cancer. With Rainbows and Smiles in the front lines of this battle, Edblo hopes to bring some relief from the sidelines, with our donation of eight Edblo beds to this amazing community based charitable foundation. […]

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1 Oct 2021
Find The Best Mattress Online

Five tips to finding the perfect Edblo bed online As a general rule, the mattress you sleep on should last five to ten years. When your mattress starts feeling lumpy, when you start waking up with an achy body, or when you get better sleep on a hospitality mattress at a hotel for instance, perhaps […]

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7 Sep 2021
Size, support, comfort... How do you know which is the right bed for you?

There’s a lot of thought that goes into the creation of an Edblo mattress, as you’d expect from a company dedicated to creating among the best beds for South African families. So, how do you know which bed is right for you? When you’re looking at a bed for sale, you should note any issues […]

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31 May 2021
The Pocket that packs a lot of punch!

Having provided quality beds for South African families since 1927, Edblo has just announced innovative changes to its Pocket mattress collection. Every mattress in the Edblo Pocket collection has always been all about conforming comfort and delivering outstanding individual comfort with minimal partner disturbance. And with the latest improvements Edblo shows it is still a […]

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