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Edblo beds


Why choose Edblo beds?

Choosing Edblo as your sleeping partner is the first step to waking up to a better life. Simply because this company has been a trusted sleep provider that offers quality and affordable beds for many years. All Edblo beds have tried-and-tested components according to the ISO 9001/2 quality system to ensure your peace of mind.

Edblo was founded in 1927 till today they remain the number one bed suppliers  that are proudly Developed and manufactured in South Africa. Choosing to buy Edblo beds is only a step closer to a perfect sleep but you also need to identify the key facts that set Edblo beds apart and the reasons why they differ.

Below are some of the important questions to ask yourself when buying the right bed:

  • What do you need from a bed?

This question differs from each person, it can be durability, appropriate support and comfort.  A bed that is guaranteed to make you look forward to bedtime, where you wake up with renewed energy, looking forward to the labours of the day. If you suffer a bad back, or have a spouse that is a restless sleeper, it is important that you know the benefits of a modern beds.

  • What size bed is right?

To avoid disappointments always measure the space in room where the newly purchased bed will be placed.  Does the room offer enough space for a king-size bed, double bed or a 3-quarter bedroom? Also consider if you will be sharing the bed with a spouse or is it intended for a single person? This will help you to know exactly which of the Edblo beds is best suitable for you.

  • How much can you spend on a new bed?

It is very important to always remember that buying a bed is a long-term investment as most quality beds can virtually last you a lifetime. Investing in a good quality bed that can last you long can be a good thing you can do for yourself. One of the top benefits of buying Edblo beds is that they are of excellent quality and they last for a long time. You need to determine your maximum budget then decide which one to buy. Spend the maximum amount you can afford on the best possible bed you can find that suits your needs.

Edblo beds provides reliable quality. Their beds come with guaranteed excellent and solid made to last designs that makes it easy for you to sleep better at night. Give them a call today on 011 309 4000 or visit their website HERE.






A “no compromise” mattress especially made for those who prefer the unique feel of foam.


Combines the support you expect from an Edblo mattress with a fresh, ‘energised’…


Quality and support for a good night’s sleep on a high quality mattress.

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