How Long Should a Mattress Last & When Do I Need a New One?
How Long Should a Mattress Last & When Do I Need a New One?

How Long Should a Mattress Last & When Do I Need a New One?

How long should my mattress last?

Usually, a mattress should last for several years before you will need to replace it. The average life expectancy will vary depending on the type of material used to manufacture it. As a result, some mattresses will last longer while other mattresses will need to be replaced sooner.

However, most high-end mattresses have a life expectancy of around ten years but they can also last beyond that depending on the level of care. For the best sleeping results, you should aim at replacing your mattress within ten years. Usually, latex and foam mattresses last longer than the average lifespan.

How do I know when I need a new mattress?

There is a range of signs that will show you that your mattress is up for replacement. When you begin to feel uncomfortable in your bed while you are sleeping, or you are waking up with stiffness or pain, it’s time to consider purchasing a new mattress. Common signs of wear include tears, bumps, lumps, and sagging.

Some other indications include a noticeable increase in allergies, mattresses lure allergens and in time, the levels increase and result in a risk of asthma and allergies.

In addition, if you are finding yourself tossing and turning during the evening, you might not be getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

The average person sleeps for around eight hours; this means that the average person spends almost 300 000 hours of their lives sleeping. There is a range of advantages to sleeping on a good quality mattress, don’t spend your life dreading the most important part of your life.

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