How to Care for your Mattress
How to Care for your Mattress

Taking care of your mattress will keep you sleeping sound. We all know how important sleep is so why not make sure your bed stays in top quality for as long as possible.

Rotate your mattress

Yes, you read it right, rotate your mattress not flip. Back in the day it was standard practice to flip your mattress every now and then. New mattresses however only have one side that should face up and instead should be rotated once every two weeks for at least the first month, thereafter on a 3 month basis will do the trick.

Moving to a new house

When moving house and carrying your mattress it will have to be supported from underneath not from the sides, even if handles are present. Whilst in transport make sure the entire mattress is supported.

Don’t pick your spot

Most people are guilty of picking a spot on their bed to sit and put your shoes on, get dressed or just sit and relax. Sitting on the edge of your bed on the same spot each day will result in your mattress losing its structure very quickly. The same thing goes if you have small children that jump around the bed. Jumping on your bed will not only cause your mattress to deform it is also dangerous.

Keeping it clean

Sure, fitted sheets protect your mattress from dirt but using a mattress cover underneath your fitted sheet will keep it fresher for longer. Vacuum your mattress every now and then to get rid of any dust that might have gone into the mattress. If you have spilled something on your mattress try and get it dry as quickly as possible, apply baking soda once dry to avoid any unwanted odors.

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