Edblo and CHOC: Bringing Comfort to Young Warriors

This month, Edblo has embarked on a journey driven by the wish to make a difference in the lives of those facing the toughest battles. This journey began with CHOC—the Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa—a true beacon of hope for children confronted by the challenges of cancer.

CHOC, a non-profit organisation, is unwavering in its dedication to advocate for the health and well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders, along with their families. Their passionate and devoted team of staff and volunteers strives tirelessly to save lives through early detection and comprehensive support programs that complement the efforts of the medical community.

At Edblo, we firmly believe that comfort should extend beyond the confines of bedrooms and into the hearts of those in need. In honor of Cancer Awareness Month, we are proud to fulfill our promise by donating ten beds to CHOC. Each of these beds is meticulously designed not only to cradle dreams but also to provide much-needed comfort.

The CHOC Pretoria House, a six-bedroom sanctuary, stands ready to provide shelter and support, capable of accommodating 17 adults and 17 children. It is here that the beds we donate will find a loving home, offering comfort to those who need it most.

CHOC remains steadfast in their determination to create a brighter future for these little warriors. Their unwavering dedication exemplifies the boundless power of compassion and love.

We invite everyone to join hands in this heartwarming journey of compassion. By donating, you can help bring light to the lives of these young fighters. To contribute, please visit https://choc.org.za/.

Together, we create a difference—one bed, one smile, and one heart at a time.