Edblo announces partnership with Proudly South Africa
Edblo announces partnership with Proudly South Africa

Local manufacturing assists local communities to prosper

National bedding company Edblo has announced its decision to join the Proudly South African buy local movement to assist and uplift South African communities.

As part of the Bravo Group that employs 3000 people countrywide, Edblo will join other members of the Proudly South African organization in focusing on job creation for local families and promoting a thriving South African economy hard hit by the Coronavirus downturn.

To qualify as a Proudly South African company, eligible brands must prove that they adhere to South Africa’s labour and environmental legislation, must provide certified proof of quality craftsmanship, and at least 50% of the final cost of production of their product must have been incurred in South Africa.

Having provided quality beds for South African families since 1927, Edblo uses locally sourced materials to manufacture 1000’s of Edblo base sets every month in 3 different factories with tried-and-tested components to exacting specifications and to the ISO 9001/2 Quality System. They are then delivered to almost 3000 South African-owned bed retailers throughout the country.

This means that every Edblo customer who buys a bed is also assisting in job retention and creation, helping other service providers and small businesses, boosting the country’s economy, lessening the impact on our environment, and helping our local communities to grow and prosper.

Edblo, proudly South African and proud to be one of the country’s most known and trusted brands!

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