Nothing Mattress More than your child succeeding at school in 2021
Nothing Mattress More than your child succeeding at school in 2021

Research has shown that a good night’s sleep can change your child’s year ahead.

After the disruptive past year, we all just want the best for our children. Start the year off by getting them ready to be their best, as the school year starts. Although it will be a very different year ahead, we believe that our children can succeed and excel if we just give them the tools they need to do so.

We don’t just mean paper, pens, and a calculator. Success comes from their inner strength and energy levels. Research has shown that children who get an optimum night’s rest, are more than likely to succeed and face the day’s challenges better.

Bedtime routines are essential for our children to perform at their very best. School can be demanding with homework, sports and after school activities. When we add in additional social pressures and exposure to TV/smartphones, children can find it hard to manage, especially if they aren’t getting the sleep they need.
Tips to improve your child’s sleep:

  • Be consistent in your bedtime routines and times, ensuring children get the right amount of sleep for their growing minds and bodies
  • Keep the TV and computers out of the bedroom, this ensures that there are less distractions in the environment where they rest and sleep
  • Consider switching off electronics at least an hour before bedtime to give them time to unwind and settle down for the night
  • Avoid giving your child caffeine or stimulating drinks, especially in the evenings

A lack of valuable sleep can affect your child’s performance, and academic results, cause short-term memory loss, and delayed reaction time on the sports field. The support of a good mattress is more important for your child than the style of the bed.

Your child’s mattress will experience more wear and tear than your own. With that being said, make sure you choose a durable mattress that will hold up being played on, jumped on, spilt on, etc. Invest in a mattress protector as this ensures that their mattress will last longer and maintain waterproof qualities. This protector will also act as an additional anti-allergy barrier if your child is sensitive.

An Edblo mattress can help your child sleep more soundly and ensure that they wake up ready for the day ahead! Just as we want our children to be safe, eat properly, and grow healthy, we also want them to adopt the habits that will ensure they sleep well throughout their lives.



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