Edblo, trusted by South African families for nearly a century
Edblo, trusted by South African families for nearly a century

It is commonly said that trust takes years to build and mere seconds to break.

Edblo, by far the most loved South African bed manufacturer, has earned the trust of local families through a steadfast reputation that’s been nearly a century in the making.

Edblo has been providing quality beds for South African families since 1927, and the only thing we have been breaking is the limits of comfort with innovative new products in our bed collections.

But what is the secret to why so many generations of South Africans have trusted the Edblo brand to ensure their families have a proper night’s rest?

The answer lies in the superb quality and durability of our beds as well as in our unique understanding of what it means to be South African. Exceptionally comfortable, well-made, and affordable, Edblo is the perfect bed upon which to build your dreams, and see the hopes and ambitions of your family flourish.

Edblo’s goal is to provide South African families the best possible sleep to help them rise to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our wonderfully diverse and beautiful country.

Therefore it is with a deep sense of gratitude for the trust South African families put in the brand, that Edblo will continuously strive to deliver beds made to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, incorporating the latest in global sleep trends, technologies and materials – designed to exceed all expectations for quality, comfort and durability.

Edblo, trusted for a great night’s sleep, by generations of South Africans.

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