The Pocket that packs a lot of punch!
The Pocket that packs a lot of punch!

Having provided quality beds for South African families since 1927, Edblo has just announced innovative changes to its Pocket mattress collection.

Every mattress in the Edblo Pocket collection has always been all about conforming comfort and delivering outstanding individual comfort with minimal partner disturbance.

And with the latest improvements Edblo shows it is still a market-leader in innovation after more than 90 years in the local bedding industry!

Each mattress in the Edblo Pocket collection now contains a foam layer that is infused with Gel cells which increases air circulation ensuring the sleep surface remains cool and comfortable.

Changes to the Gel Memory Pillow Top also include the latex foam layer being replaced with a Gel Memory foam layer (30mm) and a Conforming luxury foam layer (43mm) in the pillow top.

While these innovations bring an extra layer of comfort to Edblo’s client-base, it does not change Edblo’s commitment to use locally sourced materials to manufacture more than 500 Edblo base sets every day in five different factories across the country to assist in job creation and the prosperity of South African families and communities.

Learn more about these new and revamped products in the Pocket Collection range today!


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