Interesting Facts about Sleep
Interesting Facts about Sleep

Most of what we realize about sleep has only been uncovered in the past 20 years, but it is fair to say that we have made up for it. Researchers all over the world are learning about sleep every day and teaching us facts we have never even dreamed about. Here is a list of the most interesting and shocking facts about sleep that you may have not known before.

  • 12% of people dream in black and white. Before color television was created, only 15% of people dreamt in color whilst older people dreamt of black and white more often than younger people.
  • Cats spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping.
  • A giraffe only requires around 2 hours of sleep a day, whereas a brown bat requires more or less 20 hours a day.
  • Humans spend a quarter of their life sleeping. This may differ depending on the age of a person, however, on average it’s around a third.
  • The record holder for the longest time without any sleep is 11 days. This record was set by a Californian student, Randy Gardner. This is definitely not recommended.
  • It’s common for deaf people to use sign language in their sleep.
  • Parasomnia is an expression that refers to unnatural movements during sleeping. Many people have even committed crimes due to parasomnia.
  • The sensation of falling when sleeping and jerking awake is called “hypnic jerks”. Many people are not totally sure why hypnic jerks happen but they are considered to be perfectly healthy.
  • Up to 15% of the population are sleepwalkers.
  • 1 in 4 married couples sleeps in separate beds.
  • Sleep deprivation leads to death more quickly than food deprivation. Although neither is good for you, sleep is found to be more important than food in the short term.

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