The Different Types of Mattress Coils
The Different Types of Mattress Coils

While coil mattresses are not the only ones out there that will help you get a good night’s sleep, they are one of the more popular choices. They are cost-effective, allow for independent movements (so that your partner won’t disturb your 8 hours), and generally last an incredibly long time. You, of course, knew all of this already. But did you know that there are, in fact, a few different types of coil mattresses? Well, now you do. So to help you appreciate what goes into the comfortable mattress in your bedroom, here are a few different types of coil mattresses that you can find at your nearest Edblo store.

Continuous Mattress Coils

As the name would suggest, continuous coils are in fact made up of one long one rather than a collection that has been individually made. Unlike other available coil types, these ones are shaped like an S and are made from a single strand of wire. They help to bolster the stability of the mattress they are laid into, providing for mattresses that are stronger, offer better support, and last quite a bit longer than other types.

Hourglass Mattress Coils

These are the most commonly found mattresses out there, and generally speaking, are praised for their ability to reduce the noise of movement on the mattress. Why are they so popular? Quite simply, hourglass coils use one of the oldest coil systems out there and are subsequently also one of the cheapest to produce (without compromising on quality).

Pocketed Mattress Coils

Pocketed mattress coils are generally good for limiting the amount of movement in a mattress, and so are popular for those sharing a bed with another person, since it lets them both get an uninterrupted night’s sleep regardless of the movements of their partner. They make for marginally more expensive mattresses since they are intricate and costly to produce.

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