Nominate A Family This Festive Season
Nominate A Family This Festive Season

Giving a family a trusted night of sleep

Edblo is by far the most loved South African bed manufacturer and has been loved by local families since 1927. Edblo’s mission is to provide the best possible sleep to help South African families all around the country, to help them overcome the challenges life brings, and to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

When you think about love, support and togetherness what do you think about? At Edblo, we instantly think about the definition and essence of family. Family means supporting one another, loving one another, and conquering all challenges in life together. Family means that when things get tough, you lean on one another more than you did when things were going well.

This festive season, Edblo has decided to run the “Nominate A Family” competition in December 2021, the winning family will be announced in January 2022. For generations, our customers have laughed, loved, cried, played, cared, and shared in the cosy comfort of an Edblo bed. And, best of all, they’ve slept well. This is your opportunity to gift this chance of good night’s sleep to a family in need.

The drive behind this initiative is to give back to a South African family who need it most this festive season, and to those who have been through unimaginable hardships. Afterall, we believe that all families deserve to have a trusted night’s sleep in an Edblo bed.

We’re asking you to get involved by sharing the competition with your friends and spreading the joy. Nominate a family who hasn’t had the best night of sleep this past year and tell us their inspirational story by following this link: The family nominated will standa chance to win an Edblo surprise that could guarantee them rest and support for 2022.

Afterall, it is the time of year to spread the joy of trusted sleep, and to remember that Edblo is always with you through life.

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