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Having provided quality beds for South African families since 1927, Edblo has just announced innovative changes to its Pocket mattress collection.

Every mattress in the Edblo Pocket collection has always been all about conforming comfort and delivering outstanding individual comfort with minimal partner disturbance.

And with the latest improvements Edblo shows it is still a market-leader in innovation after more than 90 years in the local bedding industry!

Each mattress in the Edblo Pocket collection now contains a foam layer that is infused with Gel cells which increases air circulation ensuring the sleep surface remains cool and comfortable.

Changes to the Gel Memory Pillow Top also include the latex foam layer being replaced with a Gel Memory foam layer (30mm) and a Conforming luxury foam layer (43mm) in the pillow top.

While these innovations bring an extra layer of comfort to Edblo’s client-base, it does not change Edblo’s commitment to use locally sourced materials to manufacture more than 500 Edblo base sets every day in five different factories across the country to assist in job creation and the prosperity of South African families and communities.

Learn more about these new and revamped products in the Pocket Collection range today!


It is commonly said that trust takes years to build and mere seconds to break.

Edblo, by far the most loved South African bed manufacturer, has earned the trust of local families through a steadfast reputation that’s been nearly a century in the making.

Edblo has been providing quality beds for South African families since 1927, and the only thing we have been breaking is the limits of comfort with innovative new products in our bed collections.

But what is the secret to why so many generations of South Africans have trusted the Edblo brand to ensure their families have a proper night’s rest?

The answer lies in the superb quality and durability of our beds as well as in our unique understanding of what it means to be South African. Exceptionally comfortable, well-made, and affordable, Edblo is the perfect bed upon which to build your dreams, and see the hopes and ambitions of your family flourish.

Edblo’s goal is to provide South African families the best possible sleep to help them rise to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our wonderfully diverse and beautiful country.

Therefore it is with a deep sense of gratitude for the trust South African families put in the brand, that Edblo will continuously strive to deliver beds made to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, incorporating the latest in global sleep trends, technologies and materials – designed to exceed all expectations for quality, comfort and durability.

Edblo, trusted for a great night’s sleep, by generations of South Africans.

Everyone knows moms are the best, and everybody also knows the reasons why.

Our moms influence how we grow and where we go in life. They love us unconditionally; they accept us for who we are and their patience with us is limitless...well almost!

Our moms always make sure we do not go hungry, they offer advice, support and will be happy along with our highs and sad along with our lows.

Nobody in this world will ever make more sacrifices for you than your mom.

National bedding company Edblo understands the incredibly important role mother’s play in our lives, making our falls from grace a little softer with their love. Therefore, we suggest you give your mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever this year in the form of some well-deserved rest, relaxation, and quality sleep! Enter our competition to win mom, a twin pack of pillows for her to rest her head on after all that work.

Manufacturing quality beds since 1927, Edblo has been trusted by South African families to get a proper night’s rest for generations.

So, this Mother’s Day, thank your mom for all the sacrifices she makes for you by giving her the time to sleep late, topped off with breakfast in bed on an Edblo bed!

Follow us on social media and show us in emojis, just how special mom is to you. When you tag your mom, you will be entered into a random draw to win a twin pillow pack for mom. The winner will be announced on 10th May 2021, so follow us today!

Local manufacturing assists local communities to prosper

National bedding company Edblo has announced its decision to join the Proudly South African buy local movement to assist and uplift South African communities.

As part of the Bravo Group that employs 3000 people countrywide, Edblo will join other members of the Proudly South African organization in focusing on job creation for local families and promoting a thriving South African economy hard hit by the Coronavirus downturn.

To qualify as a Proudly South African company, eligible brands must prove that they adhere to South Africa’s labour and environmental legislation, must provide certified proof of quality craftsmanship, and at least 50% of the final cost of production of their product must have been incurred in South Africa.

Having provided quality beds for South African families since 1927, Edblo uses locally sourced materials to manufacture 1000’s of Edblo base sets every month in 3 different factories with tried-and-tested components to exacting specifications and to the ISO 9001/2 Quality System. They are then delivered to almost 3000 South African-owned bed retailers throughout the country.

This means that every Edblo customer who buys a bed is also assisting in job retention and creation, helping other service providers and small businesses, boosting the country’s economy, lessening the impact on our environment, and helping our local communities to grow and prosper.

Edblo, proudly South African and proud to be one of the country’s most known and trusted brands!

Research has shown that a good night’s sleep can change your child’s year ahead.

After the disruptive past year, we all just want the best for our children. Start the year off by getting them ready to be their best, as the school years starts. Although it will be a very different year ahead, we believe that our children can succeed and excel if we just give them the tools they need to do so.

We don’t just mean paper, pens, and a calculator. Success comes from their inner strength and energy levels. Research has shown that children who get an optimum night’s rest, are more than likely to succeed and face the day’s challenges better.  

Bedtime routines are essential for our children to perform at their very best. School can be demanding with homework, sports and after school activities. When we add in additional social pressures and exposure to TV/smartphones, children can find it hard to manage, especially if they aren’t getting the sleep they need.

Tips to improve your child’s sleep:

A lack of valuable sleep can affect your child’s performance, academic results, cause short term memory loss, and delayed reaction time on the sports field. The support of a good mattress is more important for your child than the style of the bed.

Your child’s mattress will experience more wear and tear than your own. With that being said, make sure you choose a durable mattress that will hold up being played on, jumped on, spilt on, etc. Invest in a mattress protector as this ensures that their mattress will last longer and maintain waterproof qualities. This protector will also act as an additional anti-allergy barrier if your child is sensitive.

An Edblo mattress can help your child sleep more soundly and ensure that they wake up ready for the day ahead! Just as we want our children to be safe, eat properly, and grow healthy, we also want them to adopt the habits that will ensure they sleep well throughout their lives.



Edblo donation to help Meals On Wheels feed the elderly this festive season

Manufacturing quality beds since 1927, Edblo has been trusted by South African families to get a proper night’s rest for generations.

We understand how important family is to our loyal customers, and everybody knows that family starts with Granny and Grandpa. Edblo has decided to make a R5 000 donation to Meals on Wheels, assisting in their objective of feeding our forgotten elderly this festive season.

With all the challenges 2020 has brought, many of our Grannies and Grandpas will be spending the festive season alone. To add to this awful situation, many of them will not have access to proper nutrition.

Meals on Wheels have been serving nutritious meals to the less fortunate and elderly since 1964, and currently distribute in excess of 29 million meals per annum throughout South Africa. A donation of only R15 secures a meal for somebody who would otherwise go hungry, and Edblo’s donation of R5 000 will go a long way to ensure so many of our Grannies and Grandpas will go to bed with a full stomach this festive season.

With the spirit of family in mind, Edblo wants to challenge their loyal customer base to also donate to this worthy cause. You can get involved by either creating a bag of goodies as suggested and dropping it off, or making a R200 donation and Melas on Wheels will create the bag on your behalf, with a personalized message from you. Visit the Meals on Wheels website at and by donating a mere R15 you could change someone’s life this holiday season.

At Edblo we know exactly how important family is to our customers.

We fully understand that the people who share your life and home matters a great deal to you.

As the country’s most loved bed brand, Edblo has been providing South African families with the correct comfort and support they need to get a great night’s rest, since 1927.

We always believe that getting enough sleep is essential for helping a person maintain optimal health and well-being. When it comes to the health and well-being of you and your family, sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Taking care of yourself, making sure that you also achieve a good night’s rest, is of course just as important. This will see a beautiful and natural positivity in the home each morning as the whole family wakes up rested and starts a new day.

To celebrate the importance of family, and to promote proper family health and well-being, Edblo has launched the Nothing Mattress More campaign.

Our Message aims to combine the things that matter most to our loyal customers - their families - and that which matters most to Edblo - ensuring we provide you with the latest in sleep technologies to guarantee a better night’s rest.

Why not invest in a new mattress for you and your family today?

Because you matter, so does your mattress!

Research undertaken by a leading research company has confirmed what South African families have known for generations: that Edblo is the most loved bed brand in South Africa.

In a wide-ranging study using face-to-face in-home interviews, the Catalyst Research and Strategy company investigated consumer perceptions of more than a dozen bed brands currently available in South Africa.

What they found was that Edblo continues to be extremely well-known and well-liked by consumers across the country. 

When examining spontaneous awareness (and first mentions in particular) amongst recent purchasers, Edblo had the highest level of awareness – significantly more than other brands. Edblo was very strongly associated with trust, reliability and for the whole family.

Developed and manufactured in South Africa since 1927 and a proudly SA brand, it should come as no surprise that Edblo is the leading SA-made bed, holding a special place in the hearts of South African families across the country.

Locally made to make a difference

Family means everything to us.

For over 90 years South African families have come together on Edblo beds. They’ve laughed, loved, cried, played, cared and shared in the cosy comfort of an Edblo bed. And, best of all, they’ve slept well. These are the cherished members of our Edblo family.

We also have another family: they are the men and women who works to produce thousands of Edblo beds daily at our factories and offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. It’s this family and their loved ones that also deserve to be supported through good times and bad.

Ras Erasmus, brand spokesperson for Edblo, says: “We’re proud to be a South African brand born-and-raised, with a world-class reputation for quality, durability and comfort.

“We believe it’s our deep South African roots that have helped to earn us the trust of generations of South African families spanning nearly 100 years. But with that trust comes a responsibility to maintain our high standards and caring approach.”

Referring to the tremendous business pressures brought on by the Coronavirus, Erasmus says: “These are challenging times. It will be a while before life returns to normal, and when it does, we’ll need to return to full production as efficiently as we can, as fast as we can, and as smart as we can.

A major factor in our favour is that we’re locally made. I believe that in future people will be more inclined to buy local products instead of imported ones. They’ll do that because they want to help South Africans help themselves. And because they know which brands they can trust to deliver.

“We may even see the start of a ‘Best Buy Local’ movement.” Says Erasmus. “By buying locally produced products we can contribute towards achieving a faster national recovery and keep more South Africans employed.

“When consumers support local businesses and products it has a major impact on the local economy. Money spent here stays here and the local community and economy are the ones to benefit, far more than would be the case with imported products.”

Erasmus continues: “We source nearly all our raw materials from local suppliers. Edblo uses South African steel and South African-grown timber that is fashioned by local craftsmen and skilled workers – which means that, for every Edblo bed we make, job creation is stimulated, local support industries profit, and the benefits are felt far and wide.

“Although aware of the challenges we face in the coming months, perhaps years, Edblo is committed to helping families find their feet again. We look to the future with hope and a belief that our sense of family will win out in the end.”

Edblo is a key brand within the Bravo Group, home to many of the country’s most beloved brands in the lounge and bedding categories. With seven factories in South Africa and employing over 3000 people, the Bravo Group is a major contributor to the South African economy.

A new mattress can change your life. The way you sleep and how comfortable you are affects the functionality of your bedroom and the way you live. In addition, lack of sleep may lead to a poor diet, irritability and a significant decline in health. Sleeping will always be something that everyone should invest in.

You Sleep On Your Mattress for As Long As You Live

Think about the fact that you spend around 8 hours per day for around ten years on one mattress – this is around thirty thousand hours of being supported by the same surface. Moreover, this does not include the time you are sitting or lying on your bed watching a movie, reading a book and more.

This is a lot of time! It is important to make sure that the choice of mattress you make is one that will satisfy your needs for a lengthy amount of time.

Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health

Being healthy has a many components. However, did you know that your quality of sleep is a great factor of your wellbeing as well? Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, regardless of how great your diet is. A good quality mattress assists in supporting your body through a good night’s sleep, keeping you happy and healthy.

Old Mattresses Are Uncomfortable

Life changes, and so should your mattress. Assess your sleep situation: have you had any major life changes since you bought your last bed? As you grow older, your body requires much more support than before. Choosing a mattress that suits your sleeping needs will allow you to have great sleep every night.

Sometimes, it is difficult to think about the long-term. However, investing financially in a good quality mattress is also an investment to yourself and your health.

If you are in need of a mattress replacement, Edblo provides a range of mattresses that ensure quality sleep. Visit our website today for more information on find out where the nearest Edblo retailer is to you!

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